New Franchises to clean up trashy ‘Wild West’?

October 8, 2013: Poorly paid private sector waste and recycling collectors throughout the five borough have some of the dirtiest and demanding jobs out there, but a newly-launched effort to transform the way the Big Apple deals with commercial trash pick ups could soon help change all that.

An Overdue Trash Overhaul

October 3, 2013: An unlikely alliance of unions, environmental activists and neighborhood groups has presented Mayor Bloomberg with a golden opportunity to add a final flourish to his impressive, decade-long effort to make New York greener and cleaner.

Community called attention to the New York City waste

October 3, 2013: According to statistics, New York City, an annual production of 6.5 million tons garbage. Government efforts to recycle waste, to reduce household waste. But here nearly half of commercial waste. How to solve this problem?