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Clean City, Green Jobs: How Smart Recycling Policies Can Build Our City’s Economy

New York City has an opportunity to create thousands of good-paying jobs by raising the city’s low recycling rate and investing in recycling and composting infrastructure. Leading green cities around the country, including Seattle and San Francisco, have 60% more

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Commercial Franchise Zones Explained

Two of the industry’s largest playing fields, NYC and L.A., are exploring the concept of commercial franchise zoning systems. Here's what you need to know about the ongoing situations in both L.A. and NYC.Read More

Martin Luther King Jr. died while standing up for sanitation workers’ rights — but many still have to work on his holiday

Martin Luther King Day falls on the slain leader’s birthday and was declared a federal holiday in 1983. But while employers routinely recognize major holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving and federal celebrations like Memorial Day and Labor Day, they’re not as quick to honor MLK Day, Campbell said.Read More

Advocacy group finds city could create jobs with better recycling

New York City's recycling rates remain too low, and the sanitation department and the private waste industry could create new jobs by more aggressively recycling within the city, according to a report released today by the advocacy group, Transform Don't Trash NYC.Read More

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