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Raise NYC’s Dismal Recycling Rate & Create 15,000 Jobs

New York City's commercial waste system is highly-polluting, costly, and dangerous to the environment and workers. Restaurants, offices and businesses send nearly 2 million tons of commercial waste to landfills and incinerators each year. NYC could recycle and compost 90% of its commercial waste, creating 15,000+ good jobs, but right now our city recycles less than half that. Take Action

Reckless Endangerment: How New York City’s Unsafe Commercial Garbage Trucks Put Us All at Risk

New York City’s private sanitation companies operate garbage trucks with high rates of faulty brakes, bad tires, broken signals, and unsecured cargo, which endanger workers, pedestrians, and other street users. Details

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In a major shift, city to launch zoned-collection system for private carting industry

by David Giambusso August 16, 2016 In a major victory for labor groups and environmental advocates, Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration will begin implementing a “zoned-collection” system for the city’s private carting industry, undertaking an historic change in how commercial
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Politico New York Dirty Hands cover

Dirty hands: The unseen world of New York’s private waste industry

On a wet, cold spring night, well after sundown, the ordeal begins. About 4,000 people, mostly young black and Hispanic men, climb waste collection trucks in various states of repair and race across the five boroughs to pick up the
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New York City’s Private Garbage Collectors Are Treated Like Trash

If you were shopping at A&M Discount market in Staten Island last fall, the waste produced at the store where you bought your milk, eggs, and cat food may have contributed to Sidney Marthone losing part of his middle finger
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