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NYC’s small businesses loose out in the city’s private waste system.  The industry operates like the Wild Wild West.  Over 90 carting companies criss-cross our neighborhoods each night, with little oversight.

– 61% of NYC’s small businesses do not have a contract with their hauler. This leaves them with little leverage other than switching haulers, which is very difficult in some neighborhoods.

– Small businesses are faced with disproportionately higher rates than larger ones, and are often subject to unpredictable price hikes.

– 90% of small businesses play a flat rate for garbage collection, regardless of how much waste they create.

– Businesses have to separate their recyclables, but carters continue to mix recyclable and regular waste together.  The private recycling rate in NYC is just 22% at most, compared with a 35% national average and up to 77% in some cities.

– When haulers leave waste strewn across the streets there is no accountability for picking it up, because so many trucks come through each neighborhood.  On one five-block stretch near Rockefeller Center for example, 27 garbage companies stop at 86 businesses.

“My hauler told me there would be a 20 – 30% increase last year, but then it doubled – and now my bill is $3,000 a month!”
Geronimo Diaz, Yayo’s Restaurant, Park Slope, Brooklyn

The good news is that reforms are underway!

The city is implementing a commercial waste zoning system.  Haulers will bid for city contracts which will hold them to high customer service, environmental and worker standards.  Done right, the many benefits will include:

+ Fair and transparent hauling rates
+ Stronger oversight so it’s easier to submit complaints
+ Customers can “right size” their service so they only pay for what they generate
+ Stronger enforcement of recycling and investment in recycling infrastructure
+ Improved wage and safety standards for waste workers
+ Creation of new jobs in the recycling industries
+ Improved air quality and street safety.


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Learn more in our two reports, “Not at Your Service – A look at how New York City’s Commercial Waste System is Failing its Small Businesses”, and “Reforming for a Better Deal – How to Align Cost Savings, Sustainability and Stability in NYC’s Commercial Waste System.”

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