Know Your Rights!

According to NYC law you have the right to:

  • Choose your carter free from intimidation or pressure. A carting company cannot refuse service if it serves other businesses within a 10 block area.
  • Negotiate a fair price with your carter that is based on actual weight or averaged weight (flat rate) and that is at or below the maximum rate set by the BIC. If you select a flat fee billing method, you may request a written waste audit from your carter.
  • Negotiate a different rate for recycling than for non-recyclables. Ø Decide how your waste is billed, either by volume (cubic yards) or weight (pounds).
  • Choose the type of contract you want. Contracts can be verbally agreed upon or written by either yourself or your carter. Verbal agreements can be terminated by you at any point but require carters to give a minimum 14 day written notice.
  • Share a carter with another business if you produce less than 20 gallons of waste per month. Each business must display a BIC decal in their window.
  • Remove your own waste and dispose of it at private transfer station by applying for a self-hauler registration.

Your carter is required by NYC commercial recycling law to:

  • Provide NON-FOOD business with recycling services for paper, newspapers, magazines, and cardboard.
  • Provide FOOD establishments with recycling services for containers made of glass or metal, plastic bottles and jugs, aluminum foil and cardboard.

Contracts should:

  • Not exceed a length of 2 years.
  • Not exceed a rate of $18.27 per cubic yard or $11.98 per 100 pounds of trash.
  • Include a termination clause.

Your bill must state:

  • The maximum rates by volume and weight allowed by NYC law.
  • The negotiated rate for garbage and recyclables to be charged.
  • An itemized list of charges for garbage and recyclables collected each month

Small businesses are coming together as members of the community to voice concerns and exercise their rights. If you feel your hauler is taking advantage of you or violating the law, contact us at

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