A Wasted Opportunity

The commercial sanitation industry’s recycling rate fell to 21% over the last year, a new report finds, undermining New York City’s efforts to achieve zero waste by 2030. Leading cities, such as Seattle and San Francisco, recycle at rates three

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More Dangerous Than Ever

More Dangerous Than Ever, a new report from Transform Don't Trash NYC, finds that crashes in the commercial sanitation industry have doubled over the last two years. The report reveals that the top 20 carters had 67 crashes in the last two years, up from 35 crashes during the previous two-year period. The new findings show that the industry is getting significantly more dangerous and undermining the progress that the City’s Vision Zero program is making to reduce traffic deaths.

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Not At Your Service: A Look at How New York City’s Commercial Waste System is Failing Its Small Businesses

In interviews with more than 500 business owners conducted for this report, one theme became clear: the commercial carting industry needs to change. Despite a major overhaul two decades ago, intended to eradicate the organized crime associated with the industry, standards to ensure that private haulers process waste sustainably, transparently, and at a fair price are greatly lacking.

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