A group of TDTNYC members holding a "Transform Don't Trash NYC" sign at a rally.


Transform Don’t Trash NYC!

New York City's commercial waste system is highly-polluting, costly, and dangerous to the environment and workers. Restaurants, offices and businesses send nearly 2 million tons of commercial waste to landfills and incinerators each year. NYC could recycle and compost 90% of its commercial waste, creating 15,000+ good jobs, but right now our city recycles less than half that.

Thousands of trucks crisscross NYC’s streets every day, polluting communities because of inefficient routes and old, dirty trucks. The vast majority of waste handled in New York City is transported by heavy trucks to and from waste transfer stations in a handful of low-income communities and communities of color. Workers in the industry face dangerous conditions and low wages. 

By improving environmental standards, labor standards, and oversight of the exploitative commercial waste industry, we can create cleaner and healthier communities for all New Yorkers, manage waste equitably, create good new jobs, and improve conditions for thousands of workers. Tell the City: transform don’t trash NYC!

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Take Action: Transform Don’t Trash NYC! I urge the City to increase good jobs, recycling and justice in NYC’s commercial waste industry.

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